Thursday, April 30, 2009

exam mode...activated (already?)

lama tak menjengah blog ni. sibuk. sebagai ad-hoc program grand dinner Kelab Umno Ukraine, dan Sambutan delegasi terengganu baru2 ni. Bole la bernafas sket. tp, after this ada programme takraw plak, anjuran GAMTET. guess what?? aku tersenarai lagi sebagai board...ya Allah, berat tul la ujian.
Exams are just around the corner. lebey kurang sebulan lebih je lagi. hm..quite heavy, we have 5 exams this semester. Selamat la O&G dh lepas, kalau tak...depress. anyway, the 5 subjects are: Internal Medicine (Hospital Therapy)
Surgery (Hospital Surgery)
Pediatric (Hospital Pediatric)
Infectious Diseases
Social Medicine

we've shocked by nasty comments from a doctor about our uni. my stand about this matter: that doctor was right. he has right to make statements (demokrasi la katakan) and he critisised his interns who are realy useless and harmfull to the nation (who graduated from my uni and russia). people trust their life to a person they called 'doctor'. A doctor should be a person who is trustworthy, capable, intelligent, wise and the most important do no harm (even here the same principle "лечит, не бредит " - treat, do no harm ) for me, this is a wake-up call for us. . a warn that a lousy intern wont be accepted in malaysia (shouldn't be accepted not only in malaysia, but anywhere). POTS himself look quite depressed with his interns. i'm quite depressed too with the statement, but i take it as a challenge. YES, to POTS, keep commenting. you make me study harder and I respect you...and i swear by god that i wont be as lousy as your interns are. thank POTS